Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs 

Cruise Line Services

Cruise Lines Services

We have provided comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) nationally for 25 years through our network of professionals. Our approach is to provide high quality assessment and counseling services by therapists with expertise in the problems most typically seen in an EAP. Our client companies include hospitals, financial institutions, high tech and engineering firms, school systems, and cruise lines. We attempt to tailor the EAPs to the existing needs of the companies and maintain the flexibility to refine the program should the company's needs change.

We have also been consultants and providers of critical incident services to many different types of companies. We have an expanded set of crisis services specifically for cruise lines. Our Cruise Line International Response Team has provided these services throughout the world.


Dr. Tony Ciminero
Psychologist/Managing Principal

7685 SW 104th Street
Suite 100
Miami, FL  33156

(800) 533-0020
(305) 666-8000


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